July 22, 2020

A Day in the Life At SKG

Last week, we reviewed SKG’s Health and Safety Protocol for Returning to Site. Our Health and Safety Protocol is essential to our success and safety as our team members plan to return to the office.

Each team member will have to learn a new “normal” as they return to site. This includes Daily Health Screenings, PPE requirements, and following proper social distancing protocols. We have taken the time to shadow one our employees throughout their day in the office.

We will be shadowing Danielle, a Marketing & Communications Coordinator, from her morning arrival to her evening departure. Danielle creates and executes social media strategy and graphic design for SKG. Her normal routine consists of lots of movement throughout the office to capture brilliant imagery for social media, active team collaboration, and heads-down work at her desk.

Before Danielle arrives at our Austin showroom, she must complete a Daily Health Screening. This screening gauges Danielle’s overall health and travel to make sure it is safe for her to be in the office with other team members. She must wait until she receives an email approval before entering the showroom.


Once she arrives at the office, Danielle has her temperature checked at the door and is required to thoroughly sanitize before moving further into the space. After her temperature is approved, she can proceed to the desk of her choice. Whichever desk she chooses, she must remain at this station for the rest of the week.






All workstations have been designed to adhere to social distancing protocols. Originally, her workspace was created for two team members to work and collaborate throughout the day. Now, her closest neighbor is a more than six feet away; separated by divider panels and glass stacks. To deter cross contamination in the showroom, a mobile pedestal is available for use in her space to hold her personal items, snacks, or paperwork if needed.





Before COVID, you would often find our team members sharing lunches and snacks in our break room. However, lunch and break times look a little different now. Staff can store all perishables in a shared refrigerator, but non-perishable foods should be stored separately whenever possible. Lunches and occasional snacks are now consumed at her desk instead of the break room.

While in the office Danielle is encouraged to collaborate with other team members using social distancing and occupancy maximums displayed with signage throughout the space. Any time Danielle leaves her desk, she always grabs her mask to keep her and her team safe.

During virtual meetings, Danielle can utilize our conference rooms whenever available. Our conference rooms are set up to allow for proper distancing between occupants and hosting virtual meetings. Acoustic paneling and sound control technology help reduce noise distractions while she is on a call.

Throughout the day, Danielle is expected to sanitize and report to our HR team if she starts to feel un-well. Although only 50% of her team are back in the office, she enjoys being able to converse and share ideas in person.

As she finishes up her day, Danielle packs and disinfects her station. She will bring her personal items home for the night to start the process over again tomorrow. While she is away from the office, it is recommended that she follow local and state safety protocols to keep her and her team safe throughout the week. After the week is over, Danielle will spend the next week working from home while other team members rotate into the office.

Life in the office may have changed but Danielle is confident that her new “normal” benefits more than just her own safety. SKG’s Health and Safety Protocol is there to support the safety of all our team members, their families, and our clients throughout these unprecedented times.

See a video of Danielle’s Day here! 


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