July 29, 2020

Building for the Future – How COVID-19 Will Reshape Architecture

Architecture Showcase with Eric Veenstra


Architecture is the back-bone of a successful work space. Eric Veenstra, Director of Architectural Products at SKG, knows this fact firsthand. Today, we sit with Eric to discuss the importance of architectural products in the workspace and how COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we will view office architecture in the future.

We view workplace planning as holistic: linking together furnishings, architecture, and people. To do so, SKG utilizes several brands and concepts to create safe and effective spaces for our clients.

As a Knoll Dealership, Eric represents a large group of Knoll architectural products that seamlessly integrate thoughtful design solutions for acoustics, space division and visual privacy. Additionally, wall coverings offer the opportunity to inject color, texture, and materiality into a space. Not only do these products add layers of interest and appeal but also health and safety.

Our clients can utilize these products to separate open spaces to maintain social distancing protocols and reduce cross contamination in share spaces. By offering these products in easy to clean finishes, our clients can choose sustainable architectural solutions to keep their employees safe.

Suspended panels and baffles are two other products Eric feels is most important to the redefining your space. These tools can be used in open office space where sound absorption and spatial definition are greatly needed. Suspended panels and baffles address both these needs while also adding in a touch of color and texture. Similar products such as drapery and freestanding acoustic panels offer the same benefits through alternative applications.

“This paneling system offers visual privacy by diving spaces and acoustical value to the space by absorbing sound through PET materials,” states Eric.

Many of the acoustic products allow Eric to create fluid, adaptive spaces throughout an office without sacrificing space or visual appearance. In addition to the acoustic product, SKG also offers many structural architectural pieces that further define spaces without the permanence of constructed walls.

Knoll’s Rockwell Unscripted Creative Walls is a freestanding collection of walls and frames that allows Eric to plan a series of flexible spaces. As our client’s needs evolve, Eric with the support of the SKG team, can transform each Creative wall space with new furniture and material to create a fresh sense of purpose.

What separates us from our competitors in this industry is the ability to source our clients needs effectively. “With all of our products, we are 100% turnkey,” states Eric “You will get framing, glass, hardware, labor from SKG.” This is very important for General Contractors who face difficulties when coordinating similar products.


Customizable panel systems offer a variety of visual and acoustic privacy solutions. A few examples of the spaces Eric can create with the Rockwell Creative Wall are enclosures for semi-private spaces, framed spaces, and collaboration walls using a variety of writing surfaces.

In addition to creating dynamic spaces, the Creative Wall applications can help our clients face the architectural landscape of COVID-19 heads on. This non-permanent solution can create flexible spaces for our clients to organize safe zones for their employees; reducing chances of infection, cross contamination, and assuring that their team follows proper social distance protocols throughout the space. The Creative Walls can also provide a safe flow throughout the office to manage traffic between shared spaces and private offices.

Eric’s favorite spaces to solve for are conference rooms, open workspaces, and private offices. Using a combination of glass and acoustic solutions, Eric can create a dynamic space that optimizes safety, sound, and overall appearance.

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