March 18, 2021

Go Awe-Naturale with Biophilic Design  

We call nature the great outdoors for a reason. Its power is mesmerizing and provides so many mental, physical and emotional benefits. When people need to reset, they escape to the beaches, the mountains, the woods, the lakes, the places where nature is in charge and its bounties soothe the soul. So, it’s no wonder workspace design continues to use natural elements to enhance the mind and body’s work experience.  

As more and more businesses begin to embrace nature’s positive effects, the trend to promote happier, healthier spaces through sustainable elements will continue to evolve. At SKG, our design goal is always to help our clients see the forest through the trees and bring fresh approaches to trends.  

Biophilia gets its meaning from the ancient Greeks. The term “philia” means love of life, and biophilia is a philosophy that helps explain our physiological need to be one with nature and connect to our living, breathing environment.   

But it’s not just about bringing the great outdoors to the indoor spaces; it’s about connecting environments and learning how to flip the blueprint to leverage every square inch so that productivity permeates space naturally. From mini habitats to larger-scale environments, we ebb and flow with this magnificent design trend to volumize the benefits.  

Green with productivity  

Plants bring more oxygen into space and, visually speaking, breathe life into any room. The opportunities to bring color, height and depth to an area are limitless. As with any trend, the SKG design team looks for unique ways to introduce flora and fauna to the workspace. Nothing is off-limits when it comes to greenery because its proven benefits are undeniable. From workstations to shared spaces, we leverage products that can help us naturally promote productivity.  

Image Credit: Kirskey 

Keep things light 

Sunlight is magical. It provides warmth and floods our senses, but there are literal barriers that minimize natural light in the office. In spaces with few windows, you have to get creative with interior lighting that mimics sunlight.  

The color of light is measured in degrees Kelvin to measure the absolute temperature of light. Daylight is usually somewhere between 4600 K and 6500 K. Some LED lights live in the range of 2700 K up to 4000 K.  Knowing color temperature is an excellent place to start when planning lighting setups, especially for rooms and workspaces.   

LED Color Temperature in Kelvin: All You Need to Know About It – LampHQ 

If these walls could talk  

Architectural walls break down the barriers and allow more natural light to filter into space.  These modular walls help create a more open feel and allow us to explore more opportunities to create meeting spaces away from the exterior walls and windows.    

Scandinavian design brightens the space 

The Scandinavian design trend is one we talked about before but bears repeating as we continue to speak about biophilia.  The light woods in flooring, furniture, cabinets, and walls coupled with the neutral colors help brighten space and allow for a mix and match of brighter colors to heighten company culture.  Plus, the clean lines and modern look bring calm and relaxation to space.   

Design space for the long haul  

To indeed be one with the environment, we have to do our best to protect it. The biophilia philosophy continues to drive sustainable practices as more and more companies look for WELL Building Standard and LEED certifications in their built environment.  As an exclusive Knoll dealer and through partnerships with other environmental champion manufacturers, SKG is proud to leverage award-winning sustainable furniture for our clients. 

Biophilia is more than a design trend, its an opportunity for us to continue to push the boundaries of the built environment to blend with the natural world.  The health benefits are overwhelmingly positive and the design executions are astounding.  In the end it’s about wellness and bringing happiness to space because in business, happiness is the key to longevity.   


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