July 27, 2020

How our Warehouse Team Welcomed Safety into Their Daily Process

Our warehouse receives, delivers, stores, and installs client assets and solutions. It is critical that SKG considers the well-being of this team and how to best meet the needs of our clients while on site.The safety and well-being of our warehouse team is very important to keeping SKG moving during these uncertain times. Just as we showcased a day in the life of a showroom team member, we also wanted to highlight the measures taken by our warehouse and installation teams to keep themselves and our clients safe.

We have assigned a Warehouse Safety Monitor to enforce SKG’s Health and Safety Protocol with our warehouse and installation teams. The Warehouse Safety Monitor will perform and review daily health screenings, issuance of PPE to employees and visitors, manage outside visitation requests, and issue “Return to Work” authorization after a COVID-19 related absence, exposure, or quarantine.

Team members must always wear face protection and gloves for their safety and our clients’. Social distancing protocols are in place with exceptions for times that do not allow it such as lifting large objects. Throughout the day, all equipment, machinery, and shared technology is sanitized to reduce chances of cross-contamination.

When receiving product in our warehouse, we recommend that contractors and drivers abide by our PPE requirements. Individuals who are delivering product must not enter the warehouse to avoid contaminating our team. Delivery paperwork is managed outside of the warehouse by a designated individual who will receive and organize. Once a package arrives, our team members receive an automated notification then proceed to clean and prepare the package for storage or installation.

In preparation for installation, an SKG sales team member will complete a COVID-19 Installation Safety Survey with the client. This survey examines the client’s own safety protocols and sanitation requirements to make sure it is safe for our team to be on site. Before heading out to the site, each installer will be required to complete a health screening and temperature check.

While on-site, our installers will oblige by all PPE requirements as if they were in the warehouse. In addition to their regular PPE requirements, they will be required to wear foot coverings upon request. We have staggered installation shifts to reduce the amount of foot traffic and congregation while on-site. Team leads with provide all installers with 15-minute sanitation breaks and hand washing breaks every four hours.

Before leaving a job site, our installation team is required to thoroughly clean and disinfect all installed product to ensure the safety of the end user. A physical sign off from the client via tablet will no longer be requested. Team Leads will ask the client for a verbal sign off and collect any further questions or requests.

SKG is dedicated to the creation and application of proper safety in the workplace. Whether in the warehouse or on-site, our warehouse team applies SKG’s Health and Safety Protocol for the benefit of fellow team members and our clients.





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