October 29, 2020

How SKG Raises It’s Voice


Your Vote. Your Voice. At SKG, we fight for the right to vote and want to do everything in our power to empower our employees to voice their choice in the voting booth.

SKG implemented a new policy this year giving employees eight hours of paid time off for in our 2020 presidential election year. Our employees can use these “democracy hours” in any combination to support a candidate, work at a polling stations, vote, or celebrate democracy on Election Day.

SKG’s Culture Club, the volunteer group responsible for supporting our culture hosted a lively and fun mock debate, pushed out research, stats, and information, and even rolled up recaps of the democratic and republican national conventions to our employees. They also shared a non-partisan Voters Guide from the League of Women Voters in Austin detailing candidates up and down the ballot in Austin and the surrounding area.

We’re also doing our part to bring a MOTHERload of voters to the polls by supporting Babysitting Connection. This amazing Austin-based group matches high-quality babysitters with Austin families so moms (and dads) can go vote.

We’re all in this together. So, let’s really get in this together and unite as a business community to make every voice and vote count.



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