January 14, 2021

How We Will Re-Imagine Our Space for the Future of Work

Tipping the scale in your favor and taking the guesswork out of what’s next. 

Like so many businesses in Austin pre-pandemic, we were on an upward trajectory. In 2019, we were already way ahead of the growth curve, solving for space for a rising workforce. With research in hand and ready to lead by example, we went into full design mode in our showroom with plans for a scalable office expansion to accommodate a new wave of in-house personnel. Queue COVID and everything came to a screeching pause. That slight pause gave us a little time to do what we do best, shift, pivot, and get back to it.

SKG already had investments in new platforms, technologies and products to facilitate remote work.

 The hybrid environment and the space of things to come. 

When COVID hit, people scattered, spaces emptied and SKG rallied around what’s next and the “why” around tomorrow’s business needs. We knew we had to rethink and redesign space to transcend time and place and become more of a beacon for business, a hybrid environment reimagined to work the way our clients work.   The good thing is, we were ready.

As we got a firm grip on COVID’s aftermath for our clients, we shifted gears to keep things churning. Our entire team went into new idea overdrive to make the distributed workforce dynamic. We led the early return-to-site charge, reconfiguring and redesigning our space to go the social distance, boosting technologies, and implementing proven processes to keep everyone safely collaborating.

Through it all, we discovered one compelling thing: people want to stay physically connected.  In the virtual world, the “AHA!” moments can lag and get missed altogether. But in-person gives us endless opportunities to crescendo to the “Eureka!” and the next big idea. We know virtual is here to stay, but in the new hybrid environment, we’re reimagining space to be the hub of humanity that connects the disconnected to the greater purpose of being in business.  And we’re using our own space as a springboard for what’s next for you.

Our space in your space.

As we chronicle our journey and reimagine our space, we want you to think of it as your journey, too. You are a part of this exciting shift in business. We want to show you how to merge lifestyle and workstyle like never before so your workforce can jive, thrive and take productivity to the next level.

Follow along with us over the next couple of weeks to see the space of things to come at SKG, for you and for the new age of work.

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