August 3, 2020

How We Work From Home

More people are working from home than ever before. While more than 50% of our staff are working from home, we wanted to highlight a few of our team’s home office spaces and share their advice for those who may be struggling with their own space away from the office.


Angela Pelter – Support Services Specialist

Angela describes her home office space as, “a designated room with two desks, storage, and a comfortable living area offering lots of sunlight throughout the day.” Dual monitors are critical to Angela’s success while working from home. These monitors can function as both a work solution and an at-home education system for her children.

The optional privacy of her home office offsets distractions that Angela faces while away from the office. Angela participates in multiple virtual calls throughout the day; therefore, privacy is key to keeping her focused.

To effectively share her space with both her husband and her kids, Angela utilizes her two workstations to separate and organize task while encouraging her kids to utilize the living area within the office.

Being able to focus on her health and efficiency is a routine that Angela finds as an exciting benefit to working from home. Angela is inspired by the constant state of learning and improvement which is offered in her position. Organization and a busy workload keep her motivated each day.

“Being well organized with my workload and having a set schedule is important for me and my household to maintain our work-life balance,” states Angela. “Also, we close the office space on the weekends to provide physical separation from work.”

Angela recommends setting healthy boundaries and clear schedules for someone who is struggling in the own work from environment. She states that this has reduced distractions through the week and has helped her focus on her family when off the clock.

Beth Goff-McMillan – CEO

“Our office is set up for multiple users, along with a few pets and even a teenager or two,” states Beth, CEO of SKG. “Our office, when originally designed, was set up as an office with a large sitting area which can transition into a guest bedroom.”

At any point, Beth may have two to four monitors going at one time participating in virtual conference calls and managing homework from her daughter. Beth applauds the versatility of her Florence Knoll desk that allows her to transition from work to shared time with her kids throughout the day.

Because Beth prefers physical copies of documents to red line and jot down notes, the Florence Knoll desk, combined with a dual monitor system, also works as a perfect solution for collaborating with team members and clients. The desk provides ample space for Beth to organize and review all her documents without having to step away from a call.

Beth states that the open space and optional privacy in her home office helps her offset any challenges that she faces away from the office. During the day, Beth will be accompanied by her husband, daughter, two dogs, and the occasional cat. The main challenge Beth faces while working from home is sound management. However, the open space allows other occupants to step away while Beth is on a call or focused on important tasks.

To start her day, Beth takes a walk or run outside and works on meditation. These habits keep her focused and calm throughout the day. Setting a clear schedule and making time to have meals with her family throughout the day helps Beth maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Diana Keller – President and Founder

Diana’s home office was originally a living area for guests that has transitioned into a comfortable working environment with lots of natural lighting. Dual monitors and a comfortable chair are most important to her success while working from home. Due to ample workspace, Diana is confident that she can face any challenge that is thrown her way. She uses a markerboard to organize ideas while virtually collaborating with teammates and clients.  Microsoft Teams and Zoom have become essential technology tools that have enhanced her from home experience.

“Meditating every morning helps to organize my To-Do List. Taking time to focus on what needs to be done, helps me and the company overall,” says Diana. She is inspired daily by the view outside of her home office and her shared lunches with her husband. Sally, Diana’s dog, also shares this workspace; adding a little extra fun to Diana’s workday.

She explains that the most challenging aspect of working from home is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. To offset this challenge, Diana focuses on staying connected with neighbors, great local leadership, and scheduling socially distant coffee dates on the weekends with business colleagues at her home.

When asked if she had one piece of advice to share with someone who is struggling in their own work from home environment, Diana said “…be kind to yourself, try to separate your workspace from your personal space, and follow your regular routine as if you were going into the office.”

Jay Hefner – Vice President of Sales & Marketing

As a separate room from his living environment, Jay’s home office provides a quiet and private space to work from home. Although Jay enjoys this seclusion while working from home, he states that he would much rather be in SKG’s showroom.

The utilization of Microsoft Teams and Zoom, helps Jay collaborate with other team members and clients. Thank to an efficient technology set up, Jay can stay connected with his co-workers while away from the office.

By starting his day with a strong cup of coffee and a few minutes catching up on current events, Jay prepares for his role as VP of Sales and Marketing. Jay uses an exercise routine and a healthy diet to stay focus throughout the day.

“Get up and get dressed. Plan out your day before you log on to give yourself perspective of your responsibilities throughout the day,” states Jay as a piece of advice that for with someone who is struggling with their own home office environment.

This is how SKG works from home. For more ideas on how to make the most of your work from home environment, check out our Work From Home Tips and Tricks.

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