August 5, 2020

Is Your Space Ready for the Future of Virtual Business?

Technology Showcase with John Trump


We speak with John Trump, Director of Technology and Workplace Integration at SKG, to learn more about the groundbreaking technology solutions he offers for SKG clients.

“Anywhere that our client’s need to integrate technology, we can provide a solution,” states John.

As we sit down with John, we focus on some of the most important products and services within his arsenal. First, John applauds the groundbreaking, Occupancy Utilization Sensors that are available through SKG. This platform is critical to the management of safe working and learning environments as we move through the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19.


Occupancy Utilization Sensors are one of the leading technological advances offered at SKG. This solution empowers you to make educated, cost-effective decisions about your space. Measure, manage, and optimize with a smart cloud-based software which monitors and reports on levels of occupancy, utilization, and the surrounding environment. Adding this technology to your space can offer unforeseen benefits in a Post-COVID world; allowing you to manage proper social distancing procedures and maintain proper occupancy maximums within break rooms, conference areas, or classrooms.


John also brags about another popular products in our arsenal:  Turing Video Technology Inc.’s Body Temperature Thermal Scanner which acts as a first line of defense against the spread of COVID-19 in public facilities. This solution promotes a fully integrated system that combines artificial intelligence and thermal imaging to determine body temperature of passing individuals within 0.1 seconds. In addition, this tool can be used to provide health pre-screenings, access control, and visitor tracking.


Another solution offered by SKG, is Room Scheduling. This product would outfit a meeting room, collaboration area, classroom, or study hall using a monitor that displays availability, sanitation updates, and upcoming schedules. Whether you need to schedule hundreds of rooms and thousand desks or a few meeting rooms and a small study session, this product arms you with live data to help keep your spaces safe and organized.

The shift in the industry has opened doors for our clients to utilize our technology integration services in new ways. We can have entirely new conversations about the needs of their space through the eyes of virtual collaboration across their business.

Office hoteling and mobile workforce programs offer the perfect balance of employee flexibility and cost efficiency. Whether your corporate culture includes mobile employees, or you are introducing a new hoteling program, the key to success lies in proper implementation of user-friendly tools and a focus on employee change management.

A mobile workforce is an essential service as many businesses balance working from home and transitioning back to site. By providing a frictionless platform for organizations to stay connected through these uncertain times, we offer our clients a helping hand to get back on their feet.

To close, John shares his excitement to integrate his skills in the future of virtual learning and wireless collaboration. His goal is to provide a touchless experience for clients to stay connected even if they can not be together. Health and wellbeing of our clients holds a high place in his heart these days.

“By utilizing the services and products available through SKG, our clients will know much more about their workplace in terms of COVID-19,” states John. “I believe we can develop true relationships with the solutions we offer.”

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