October 6, 2020

Leading The Conversation About Employee Engagement

Although COVID-19 is not over, corporate demand has shifted from sourcing safety equipment such as masks and sanitizer, to entirely re-envisioning the extent of the role of the office and employee engagement.

The beginning of COVID brought unrivaled chaos to the world. After a month or two, companies spent weeks trying to source gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer, while planning how (or if) they were going to get people back to the office. Now that we are six months into the pandemic, all those resources are easier to find. Some companies have returned to the office in some capacity while others remain “working from home” for the foreseeable future. The challenge for many companies now is navigating Employee Engagement with a distributed workforce.

Employee Engagement. We have used those words for a decade, but what do they mean now? For companies who were not an employee-centric business, to begin with, this notion could be more challenging compared to those already leaning into the concept.

Our work world has never been more challenged. In 2019, we solved for employee work-life balance and engagement resulting from demanding work schedules, fighting traffic, school meetings, social events, parenting, and finding time for family. Doing this, we would meet ourselves coming and going on the highway.

I will not lie; the first few months of quarantine were a nice break from the daily grind. Now that six months have passed, working, playing, eating, teaching, parenting, or primarily being alone in the same space has been fraught with many issues. My calendar has never been crazier, but I am not physically going anywhere! How do we capture our employees’ mindshare when they are distracted by their pets, the delivery of an Amazon order from yesterday’s call, logging kids on to their next Zoom class, and a host of other circus acts? At the end of the day, I find myself asking: are we connecting to the people and the business in the same way as before? Ultimately, how do we keep Employee Engagement regardless if you are at home or on site?

We will roll out a plan and suggestions to tackle this very relevant and meaty topic of Employee Engagement. We will dig deep on the above themes for several weeks, while tying it together because it is all related.



I will be a contributor for:

We will also have the joy of hearing from astounding guest speakers who are experts in these fields.

Aga Swiecki, our Research and Strategy Designer, will be hosting various live video sessions and contributing to our blog on Health and Wellness and Mental Health in times of COVID.

Luckily, we will share research and ideas that will help you pivot. Over the next several weeks, we will focus on a broad spectrum of Employee Engagement subjects. We will go deep into our findings, our plans for SKG, and show you the way back to a well-connected and employee-centric business.

We will share deep dives into:

But before we get there, what does Employee Engagement even mean? The true definition is the quantitative and qualitative nature of the relationship between an organization and its employees. I boil it down to a more simplistic notion: Are we creating a space that allows employees to bring their BEST SELF to work?

Thankfully, there is a framework to understand where you are with your business, where your teams are, and what it takes to build a culture where engagement exists.



Aga Swiecki, our Research and Strategy Designer, will be hosting various live video sessions and contributing to our blog on Health and Wellness and Mental Health in times of COVID.

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