January 21, 2021

Let’s Talk Design

Sparks here. Sparks there. Sparks everywhere. Every square inch of our redesigned showroom says, “come on in, let’s create something amazing.”  Through our transformation, we’re showing clients how to harness the power of hybrid and pivot to an environment that can energize every how, when and why of their workforce. With a ton of sit-and-share spaces, the perfect mix of heads down and heads together places, and comfy, cool, flexible furnishings, this is the new nucleus of our business that stays positively charged for a wide-range of interactions.

Through this transformation, we’re redesigning work around wellbeing, but also productivity, giving our workforce the space to flex their workstyle, the technology to stay connected, and the collaborative tools for bigger ideation.


Tips for reimagining space to drive better business 

Hybrid may be here to stay, but the office isn’t going anywhere.

The research show there is strength in a hybrid environment, but power still emanates from the office.  Successfully straddling and extracting the best of both worlds requires an approach that is flexible and, we believe, designing a central hub type of space that provides energy for your business.

Inspired design leads to spaces that inspire.

We based the design on research around the future of work and leaned heavily on the following areas to create a collaborative space for our new hybrid workforce to connect.


Flexibility • Technology • Reconfiguration • Dedensification • Collaboration

Flexibility is key to the design. If COVID taught us anything, we have to be agile, and design around furniture that’s scalable. In our design process, we leveraged Knoll products’ flexibility, reconfiguring and repurposing existing assets to breathe life into a more collaborative space.

Technology is king in our new showroom redesign.  Our in-house Technology and Consulting team really knows how to connect people to share ideas and integrated our existing furniture with state-of-the-art collaboration tools throughout the entire space. They upgraded PCs to accommodate better screen sharing, video conferencing and promote real-time design and PM&I software.  Plus, we implemented state-of-the-art EVO for digital signage and high-tech scanners and sensors to maximize health, wellness, targeted cleaning and space optimization.  Having these capabilities in-house is a game-changer for us and our clients.

Reconfigured and reenergized. Our reconfiguration focused on physical distancing, traffic flow, and the actual context of the physical space. We considered health benefits around airflow, lighting, color, and distancing and designed a wide-open space ripe for ideation with cool shared spaces, touchdown spots, semi-private and private spaces.

De-densification and touchless technology. In the new showroom, we’re flexing our agility muscle with fewer workstations and more collaboration stations, reallocating and repurposing assets to reenergize space and maximize our investment. We leveraged data-driven tools like temporal scanners, sensors, digital space mapping, and meeting software to optimize space, target cleaning, and promote health and wellness.

The location is an invitation to collaborate. Our new showroom is now a visual indicator to share thoughts. Ideation tools are integrated throughout the space with different options for different groups and meeting sizes. There is an abundance of touchdown spots, huddle rooms and shared spaces, all with accessories, power and tech tools to inspire collaboration.


Did this spark your interest?

It’s pretty easy to see we can do it all. When it comes to our space and yours, we can design it, integrate it, reconfigure it and even store your assets to scale it.

Consider this an open invitation to see our space and see what’s possible for your space.

See what’s possible.


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