Taking a Pulse on Employee Engagement

At a time like this, understanding where your employees are in their level of engagement is critical. But it’s not about the engagement, per se; it’s about taking stock of their level of stress, happiness, and focus, to better understand what is standing in their way of bringing their best selves to work.

Data Source: https://www.gallup.com/workplace/321725/gallup-q12-meta-analysis-report.aspx

With everything surrounding COVID-19 such as political climate, social unrest, health and safety, school/virtual learning, the health of kiddos, finances, and now with the holidays quickly approaching, one must ask: are employees engaged at work or are their worries and focus elsewhere during the day?

As leaders, we need to meet employees in the middle by asking the right questions, listening, and finding ways to solve for different kinds of problems that 2020 has presented. On top of the topical situations listed above, we are not working the way we did at the beginning of 2020. Understanding how new processes and policies are impacting efficiencies is critical. With distributed teams, is the ease of work, communication, and collaboration the same? Where are the wins, and where are the obstacles?

Let’s face it; productivity for most businesses is not where it was at the beginning of the year. Are your teams being successful with, not only their heads-down work, but collaborating and ideating at the same rate as pre-COVID-19? Understanding this can unlock team and individual potential to help drive speed-to-market with your next big breakthrough!

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