Virtual Collaboration + The Distributed Workforce

As many countries go through lockdown again, companies around the world are realizing that the way they work will drastically change over the long term. With the forced mass work-from-home experiment, employees have shown that, if supported by the right technology, they are able to work remotely and efficiently at large scale and without significant loss in productivity. They have also demonstrated their loyal engagement and commitment in highly challenging times. In return, they are voicing new expectations that employers can no longer ignore.

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Work-from-home is not the panacea for satisfying all working needs and workstyles.
The current crisis is requiring employers to decouple traditional work and workstyles from the corporate office. Hybrid work will be the answer to providing greater employee choice. As seen earlier, some employees do not want to work remotely: 24% want to work exclusively in the office while 50% are asking for a hybrid approach – which means that nearly three-quarters of employees want the ability to come into an office. In addition, some working needs remain better supported by the office: 70% of employees find that the office environment is more conducive to team building and management support.


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