July 16, 2020

SKG Welcomes Furniture Product Specialist to the Team

With more than 25 years of experience, SKG builds upon its reputation of providing customers unique, creative, and cost-effective solutions, skillfully supported by exceptional service teams. To this effect, SKG is devoted to finding employees who embody a spirit of creativity, collaboration, and professionalism, while also providing our clients with the highest level of care and service.

SKG would like to introduce Mercedes Rivera as Furniture Product Specialist. She has been an exceptional team member at SKG for 18 months, with industry experience of more than six years, two of which were spent in residential design.

Mercedes has a passion for furnishing and space planning; evident in her education from SCAD University. Through one of the highest nationally ranked programs for creative professionals, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. She is a driven individual with a focus on customer satisfaction and product proficiency.

As the Furniture Product Specialist for SKG, Mercedes is prepared with deep knowledge of our industry and products. She will support product trend movement, act as a conduit of communication between our furniture partners and our internal team, and constantly research product evolution in the workplace. Mercedes will work to ensure our product arsenal aligns with SKG’s values and will provide the most revolutionary space solutions for our clients.

It is our priority that our vendors reflect the qualities we provide for our clients. Mercedes will be the funnel in which SKG on-boards and vets product partnerships. New product vendors must apply to become a part of our solutions arsenal. Through this application, Mercedes will be able to accept or deny new partnerships in alignment with our vendor standards. Our standards include, but are not limited to, good working conditions, abiding labor laws, sustainable efforts, diversity, and inclusion plans.

In addition, Mercedes will coordinate all vendor education events and learning experiences to keep our staff well informed about new products and vendors in our market. These events can include Lunch & Learn events, product showcases, and virtual product presentations.

With Mercedes’ expertise and the support of our entire team, SKG is prepared to provide our clients with transparent purchasing power through the utilization of product knowledge and contract application. SKG will employ Mercedes to consider all value engineering and budget management resources to provide our customers with enlightened and competitive pricing.

Through research and experience, SKG is aware of the demands from our global partners within our shared industry. Despite current events and the changes faced by markets across the world, SKG remains vigilant of sustainable product solutions for our clients through a global lens.

SKG welcomes Mercedes as our Furniture Product Specialist. We are confident that her expertise will deliver endless opportunities for SKG and our clients.

We took the time to interview Mercedes on her new role at SKG. Here are a few of her answers:

How does your design experience and education align with your new role as Furniture Product Specialist for SKG?

“Design has always been a passion of mine; keeping up with current trends, predicting future styles, and being able to capture that for clients. My education at Savannah College of Art & Design paired with years of industry experience, has made me well versed in many products and solutions. I have been exposed to many different aesthetic styles, vertical markets, and regional designs. This new role is going to give me the opportunity to implement and influence growth within SKG through relationships and great design. “

What aspects of being a Furniture Product Specialist, do you feel benefit our clients the most?

“Providing our clients with options that meet as many of their requirements in the shortest amount of time, is super important. This is effective for solid customer relationships and time management for our teams. Our goal is to understand all available solutions, identify what our customer is looking for, and make the right selections from the start. This role is a huge asset to all those associated in our process; from vendors to clients, providing an excellent customer experience is the top priority.”

Why is it important for businesses to invest in sustainable product solutions to create places of work in the COVID-19 era?

“In my opinion, sustainable products should always be incorporated into any design. While everyone is wary of these unprecedented times, it is important to invest in solutions that will last; investments should provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Just as we are paying more attention to our own physical health and wellness, we need to keep the same mindset with our products. We need to pay closer attention to the products we are purchasing and the sustainability and quality they offer.”


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