July 23, 2020

Solving for Space Through Research and Strategy

SKG’s Research and Strategy Department extends far beyond data analysis and market integration. Our Research and Strategy department not only examines and publishes industry critical data but also offers exploratory services to our clients so that they too can make insightful decisions about their space.

Our Research and Strategy team leads the process of discovery through a lens of design. This includes research, exploration of business needs and goals, employee needs, and drawing parallels of how SKG product and service platforms intersect to solve those needs. Fundamentally, this team strives to understand who our clients are to execute the right strategies to solve the needs of their employees and their business now and into the future.

To get a clear picture of our client’s needs, the Research and Strategy Departments offers a variety of services such as stakeholder workshops, observation strategies, interviews, surveys, and technology integration.

A stakeholder workshop gets the consulting team and client design team together to best understand how to design and furnish the workspace, based on the direction of the business. Onsite Observation helps our team understand how employees work, communicate, and collaborate adding an additional lens to create the right solution.

Interviews allow our team to have a perspective from the employees that is critical to understanding their day-to-day experience in the workplace. Surveys are also an easy way to gather additional, and sometimes hidden, fact-based opportunities for improvement. Lastly, using the latest occupancy sensor technology allows for the optimization of quantitative data that collects information on where people are working, how often spaces are used, and more.

After acquiring and reviewing this data, our team can execute a strategic plan for our client’s space that will utilize both square footage and occupancy. By integrating both stakeholder and employee perspectives into their space, the client will experience a well-rounded solution for their needs.

Through this process, SKG and our Research and Strategy department offer our clients an experience that will change how they view their space in a sustainable and effective manner.

To provide additional insight to what our Research and Strategy Department looks like, we sat down with Aga Swiecki and Jesus Santos, two members of our Research and Strategy Department, to share their experience and discuss how their roles at SKG help our clients solve for space.

Aga has been in the industry for over 10 years combining knowledge of design, strategy, and corporate culture to provide workplace strategy solutions that align with client’s business goals and visions. Her unique background in personal development coaching, leadership and influence adds another layer of expertise to the client’s success. Aga is passionate about re-shaping the decision-making process of our clients and driving powerful results for their businesses.

“Research and Strategy will be leading the way in making data informed business decisions and actively shaping both the physical space and corporate culture,” states Aga. “Data is more important than ever especially that leaders and managers have more questions about what is truly needed when it comes to real estate and workplace design and what can transform into virtual work.”

Aga shares that the most important aspect of solving for space is understanding the needs of the people within the space. This factor optimizes the overall satisfaction of employees and provides valuable insight for the future of the business.

Jesus also brings more than ten years of experience working on various project types and sizes with strengths in client relations and strategic implementation. Jesus has extensive BIM experience, architectural skills, and furniture expertise to guide him throughout the discovery and implementation process.

“From the onset of my career, I’ve found that function more than form, fueled my actions,” states Jesus. “Uncovering the whys behind issues really drives me; and in the end, it is what my clients are most grateful for during our relationship.”

Jesus sees research strategy evolving as an essential conversation for our clients in the days to come; especially as it relates to solving for space. SKG creates compelling and resourceful ways for companies to organize their operations while keeping budget in mind for the future.

To learn more about our Research and Strategy department, we encourage you to review some of our published work here. You may also reach out to Aga and Jesus directly at aswiecki@skgtexas.com or jsantos@skgtexas.com.

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