July 31, 2020

Staying Connected – How SKG Revolutionized our Communication Strategies

Since the early days of the novel coronavirus, virtual collaboration has increasingly become the new norm. For the safety of ourselves and others, the way we communicate on personal and professional levels has changed. Understanding this evolution, SKG has adapted our internal and external communications strategies to better fit our current work environments.

SKG is privileged to collaborate with clients daily; whether it be on-site or in our showroom, the relationships that we grew through direct interaction are priceless. However, with hundreds of business participating in work from home orders across the nation, we knew that we could not simply evolve with the times but revolutionize the way we connect with our clients.

We quickly issued COVID-19 responses and resources backed with thorough research gathered during local COVID-19 Business Round Tables. Form this, we understood that other businesses are facing great obstacles and our resources would help businesses in our community lean on each other for support.

To support our sales team as they adapted to the new virtual environment, our leadership and marketing teams pulled together valuable templates and presentations to share with clients. We started using digital platforms to share our message and present curated projects to our clients. By focusing on the markets that had the greatest need for safety solutions, we were able to respond quickly and effectively to our education and healthcare clients.

By introducing a Furniture Product Specialist and a Research Strategist to our team, we have answered the call for a well-round perspective on solving for safe spaces. Prepared with a deep knowledge of our products and informed industry research, SKG is equipped to respond to the needs of our clients with relevant solutions during this time.

Our design team is also prepared to cultivate new spaces virtually through our CET design programs. This is a highly visual interface that enables our team to create photo quality renderings and budgetary pricing in real time. We can virtually collaborate with a client to create their space without risking the safety of our team or the client.

Internally, we focused on the proper means of correspondence between our staff and leadership. Transparent communication was key to helping our team process the many changes taking place during the first weeks of the pandemic. Each day, a member of our leadership team would send a company status update notifying the company of changes, conflicts, and stability. Staff members were encouraged to reach out with any questions or concerns as the days progressed.

In addition, weekly virtual meetings with leadership were held to vocalize the changes within the company and allow for other team members to share their thoughts and concerns. These meetings were led by our CEO in collaboration with our HR department to provide our team with a holistic perspective of the company.


To nurture our company’s culture, virtual Happy Hours were schedule each Friday. During this hour, our team would connect and casually discuss the happenings of the business. Often, our Culture Club would create fun activities during the Happy Hours to bring smiles and laughter to our team. For example, the masked selfies contest above! These activities were focused on maintaining SKG’s cultural ties and helping our team stay positive during these unprecedented times.

As we progressed through the pandemic, we collaborated with our vendors to provide virtual training sessions for our team. Our daily status updates evolved into weekly company newsletter that feature company updates and staff highlights.

With more than 50% of our staff returning to the office, we have maintained our current communications strategies while also accommodating more direct collaboration between team members. Because staff members have returned in two bi-weekly rotating teams, a fun rivalry has ignited and created some fun antics that keep our staff connected and revitalizes the SKG culture.

Although telecommuting has now become the primary means of connection, SKG strives to create valuable touchless relationships through successful communication strategies; from our team to yours.



Stay Connected