September 17, 2020

Sustainable Connections for the Virtual Workforce


Keeping your team connected across the landscape of the virtual working can be challenging. SKG helps you connect the dots through tried-and-true employee engagement techniques for connections that will stand the test of time.

Although the days of breakroom chatter and face-to-face collaboration are limited, it is essential to nurture the company’s culture engagement through revolutionized means of communication.

Here are a few tips from our team!

Keep your Team in the Know

Transparent communication is key to maintaining the connection of the organization. Clear updates from Leadership and Human Resources will keep your team in the know. Don’t leave your team guessing – weekly company newsletters are a fun way to keep your team updated and collaborative from afar. Providing your team with an opportunity to meet with Leadership in one-on-one discussions opens up critical conversations for transparency and employee insight. Also, implementing company-wide “town hall” meetings on essential topics and sending out employee surveys can help gather more insight into business affairs.


Personalize your Process

We know your Health & Safety Procedures are there to support you through the pandemic. However, employee well-being will continue to play a much larger role in company culture. For sustainable safety, align with your staff to answer the company’s new needs and personalize your process to meet these needs. Collaboration with team leaders and the go-getters, you can utilize the in-house expertise to observe your organization’s pressure points and find the answers to solve the right problems.


Answer Virtual Collaboration with Virtual Connectivity

With a global push for digital integration, there are so many tools for virtual collaboration. It is crucial to select the right program for your team. Consider ease of use, file sharing capabilities, and security. Consider using automated services to streamline your daily processes to keep your team moving while away from the office.




Bring the Fun to Functionality

Just because you aren’t together doesn’t mean communications have to be boring. Throw in some fun virtual events for your team to socialize. Virtual Happy Hours are a fun way to get your team out of their shell. Celebrate the wins and personal success stories of your team as a company. Highlight exceptional work with Employee of the Month and personalized shout-outs! Team giveaways and local community engagement are also fun ways to keep your staff engaged with the company culture while away from the office.


Don’t let social distancing limit your company’s connectivity. Being a facilitator of support and communication is more critical than ever before. With these tips, your team will feel as if they never left the office!




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