January 28, 2021

Tech Your Trek Back to the Office

Technology is our safe word. And it should be yours, too.

The number one thing facing companies in our post-Covid era is how to stay connected in a socially distanced, can’t touch kind of world. Virtual collaboration is a must these days for all employees whether working remotely or in office. In our new showroom, we wanted to show our clients how to leverage techy, touchless environments for virtual collaboration that are key to getting everyone back to business safely.

Our modus operandi is to continuously learn the ways that make people work better. COVID is just another change agent, a devastating one, but one we can learn and grow from. As with everything, we started with the research and finished with a strong tangible solution.

Some of the measures we took revolved around protocols and processes, including a hybrid hierarchy of teams to alternate at home and in office schedules. Our technology team worked closely with decision makers to leverage a robust software platform to best accommodate our workforce, and we implemented online return-to-site surveys to keep our people and our visitors safe. But, what we did with the showroom revamp, is all about a smart reconfiguration full of connected and cool technologies that demonstrate how we can work better in a hybrid environment.

This is how we put the tech in our trek back to work.

Energize the entry:

The bell and whistle that first grabs your attention is a state-of-the-art thermal scanner with alerts. This device not only helps us keep fever at bay, but it also helps us maintain a digital record of comings and goings, to help facilitate contact tracing and protect our employees and their families.

Connected Huddle Spaces. Technological touchdowns:

These quick shift collaboration spaces are a total score. In today’s socially distanced environment, big ideas must come in smaller gathering spaces, so you need the capabilities to put more heads together virtually.  Our space leverages many cool touchdown and huddle spots where people can virtually connect with ease wherever they land, via movable screens with wireless sharing capabilities.

Large Conference Room:

The conference room looks the same, but what it’s powered to do is new and improved.  With full-blown video teleconferencing capabilities, pro-grade cameras, mics and speakers, we can bring our entire team together for weekly salesrooms, integrated department meetings, and when key decision-makers need information from across the spectrum.

Room Schedulers and Sensors:

Sensors are uniquely cool when you have a ton of meeting spaces. These serve as visual occupancy indicators with digital signage and light sensors to optimize space. In our open floor plan, you can see that green means you’re a go for a quick meeting. With the ability to book at the display or through a connected calendaring system, it’s smart technology that facilitates scheduling and minimizes distractions.  Using sensors, SKG’s Technology team can provide real time insight to proficiently use space, promote health and wellness, save costs with targeted cleaning, and so much more.

So why go high tech when it comes to space?

Technology gives you the scoop on scale.

Data collected helps provide the exact usage of space giving you a body of evidence to build predictive analysis around your workforce. This tool is critical to saving time and money as you look forward to scale your business.

Protecting your people. Powering productivity.

Technology provides real-time capabilities to protect and power your workforce. With things like thermal readers, no-touch environments wired for collaboration and space optimization software and sensors, your office can still be the go-to for connecting.

So why go SKG when it comes to high tech?

We’re the only workspace solutions provider with an in-house technology team that can provide consultation, design, installation and customer service all in one. Many AV companies will come in and tell you what tech toys you need, but that’s the wrong approach.  Technology is not about gadgets. It’s a business driver that should meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. How you work dictates what you need, and we know how to ask the questions that get to the core of your technology goals. You can go mild or you can go wild, but that decision has to be congruent with where you are in your growth plan and your budget.

Our space is your space and with this new showroom, we really want our clients to explore the power of technology. So, come see our tech solutions in action and let us put a tech plan of action to work for you.




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