November 10, 2020



Like many, Lexie Hall, a Senior Broker Consultant at a global real estate company, transitioned from her office to work from home due to COVID-19. Although this transition was unexpected, Lexie made the most of her workspace with SKG’s support.

When she began working from home, Lexie’s workspace consisted of a small console table and a laptop propped up by an Amazon box. Using a side table as a chair and a dinner tray table as an extra surface, Lexie’s space was no match for her daily, and sometimes nightly, tasks.

Despite any struggles she faces away from the office, Lexie remains positive. “I am inspired, knowing we are all in this together. Every single person, no matter who you are, has been impacted by this pandemic, and we are all getting through it as best we can,” states Lexie.



Seeing the depth of need in Lexie’s space, our design team got straight to work. Their first task was creating a flexible work surface for Lexie that was height adjustable and compatible with dual monitor arms. This would be a considerable upgrade based on Lexie’s current set up.

Next, our design team wanted to bring some character into Lexie’s space using decorative items that are as functional as they are fun. Using biophilia, art, and creative paper management solutions, SKG brought life into Lexie’s space. To add some extra personality, Lexie references SKG’s design plans to purchase some decorative pieces of her own.



“I finally have a place where I can go to feel as though I am in an office environment. I have a great and functional set up with limited distractions while working at home,” states Lexie. Lexie says that the adjustable height desk and quality task chair has made the most impact on her productivity while working from home. SKG strives to create spaces that work just as hard as their occupants, and, for Lexie, that’s pretty hard.

To maintain a sense of normalcy, Lexie stays motivated by waking up, going to the gym, usually having a coffee meeting in the morning, and then getting through the workday. When asked if she had any advice for some who is also struggling in their home office space, Lexie states, “Get fresh air; go outside to just breathe. Just because you can be online all the time due to technology, it doesn’t mean it is healthy for you. Create boundaries in your personal and professional life.”


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