September 8, 2020

Transforming How Elizabeth Nowotny Works From Home

“It was awesome,” stated Elizabeth. “I had a large height-adjustable work surface, two large monitors, a keyboard tray, and plenty of storage to keep me organized.” Elizabeth’s on-site workstation provided her with adequate space and technology required for success as a Senior Technical Designer.

The transition to working from home was an immediate challenge. Her home working space consisted of a dining table with a single laptop, a small secondary monitor, and lackluster storage space. Elizabeth states that ample room to work and storage are most important to her productivity. The natural light from the adjacent window helped Elizabeth not to feel so cramped.

While in the office, Elizabeth would usually meet face-to-face with other teammates, but many of her collaborations now occur through video conferencing. Elizabeth shares her home office with her pets. To manage the shared space effectively, she sets personal space boundaries with them to make sure they do not pose as a distraction during her day. She also tries to accommodate their needs when they stop by for the occasional pat or two.

To maintain a healthy work-life balance while working from home, Elizabeth continues her regular workday as if she is going into the office with, of course, more comfortable dress attire. She also refrains from doing household chores throughout the day to help her remain focused on work.

Despite her challenges while working from home, Elizabeth is confident in her efficiency and productivity. To ensure her work from home space included everything she needed, Elizabeth was excited to work with SKG to curate a home office with larger monitors, a height-adjustable desk, and some extra storage.



Before her space transformation, Elizabeth’s primary pressure points were centered around organization and anxiety resulting from her chaotic space. By expressing her challenges in her current set-up, our design team strategically curated solutions for the space.



Through collaboration with Elizabeth, our design team revived the look and functionality of Elizabeth’s space. Our design team tested purposeful solutions using floor plans and real-time renderings to select the perfect products for Elizabeth’s home office.

By adding versatile storage solutions and a secondary worksurface, our design team tackled Elizabeth’s need for organization and increased productive space. Ergonomic tools and proper lighting add functionality and character to her workspace.

After her home office makeover, Elizabeth now has the organizational tools to maintain her productivity while away from the office. With the addition of a storage credenza and a larger desktop monitor, Elizabeth is ready to maximize her work from home efficiency.



“Creating a more pleasant and purposeful space decreases a lot of my stress while working from home. When you feel good, you are more productive,” Elizabeth states.

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