September 22, 2020

Transforming How Laura Bishop Works from Home

One would describe Laura’s office work environment as a moderate two-person office with a small window and an abundance of storage. Some days, you would even find a dog or two under the desks.

What used to be a spare bedroom has now transitioned into an eclectic home office for Laura. To work efficiently at home, Laura relies on an assortment of different pieces, including a large worksurface, ample storage, dual monitors, and a printer/scanner system. Although her home office provides items that she needs, Laura would prefer a more organized and “professional” setup that gives her room to stay productive and decluttered.

Laura shares her home office space with her 2 furry assistants, so her room must accommodate two animals plus herself comfortably.

Constant spam phone calls and neighbors are the primary sources of distraction for Laura while working from home. Laura states that working from home has provided more time devoted to work and fewer interruptions than in the office. Still, she also said that collaborating with team members on-site greatly benefitted her success at the office.

To maintain her work-life balance while being away from the office, Laura takes early-morning hikes to focus on the day ahead. During the day’s heat, Laura focuses on tackling her “heads-down” work and uses the evening hours to take advantage of fast VPN connections and access SKG files.



Before collaborating with SKG’s design team, Laura struggled to meet the same productivity level as she did in the office. With an absence of cohesive space to work and ample storage for her paperwork, Laura sought more efficient means of completing her daily work.

What was working:

What was not working:

Wishlist: Document organization, additional storage, and technology for virtual conferencing.



Our design team knew that Laura’s space needed immediate attention. With purposeful space planning, Laura’s office became a space that focuses on productivity and flexibility. Additional storage solutions allowed her to reduce clutter, giving her space for productive work and organization. With the addition of a height-adjustable surface, Laura can stand and move about throughout the day to add health and wellness benefits to her space.


This transformation maximized the natural light and clean aesthetic that Laura loves! Considering her love for animals, our design team made conscious efforts to maintain the office’s ventilation needs, so Laura’s pups are always comfortable.

Laura’s Work from Home makeover enables her to stay organized and productive – two critical aspects of her SKG role. The addition of a 30″ lateral filing credenza, Laura can file more efficiently, which significantly affects her overall productivity. Her previous challenges are resolved with her new home office space. With more room for daily tasks and proper storage techniques, Laura successfully tackles her time working from home with great effectiveness. Her space is now brighter and provides everything she needs without taking away from the area itself. She was even inspired to have a cushion made for her window seat!


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