September 1, 2020

Transforming How Luke German Works from Home

The workplace looks a little different for our team these days. To keep our staff connected and productive, SKG curated fun home office makeovers for a few of our staffs’ work from home spaces.

Five of our staff members received home office makeovers after sharing their needs and struggles while away from the office. Although SKG has returned to the office at 50% capacity, working from home can have its drawbacks for some of our team who do not have access to their usual office efficiencies.

Normally, Luke’s “office” is a construction site filled with many installers working to complete a project for a client. On the days he is in the office, his height adjustable desk is his favorite product; allowing him to stand and move about during the day. Life in the office can be a comparably tranquil place for Luke as he works as the sole Project Manager at SKG’s San Antonio showroom.

Given the needs of today’s environment, Luke must divide his time between on-site client visits and his home office. Luke’s home office is a dedicated space that flows directly into his living room. Being able to use a height adjustable desk at home has greatly benefitted his success while away from the office. Frequent trips to the fridge or pantry pose as a distraction to his workday.

By sharing his space with “one awesome pup,” Luke remains positive throughout the day. Spending time with his devoted furry friend, Luke maintains a healthy work-life balance.

Before the SKG makeover, Luke hoped that his new office space can utilize his height adjustable desk and his dual monitor system to help him remain productive while working from home.

After collaborating with our design team, Luke was set for his home office makeover. Here are some topics that the design team focused on when solving for Luke’s space.


Although Luke had what he needed functionally, a trained designer’s touch made the most of his office space. Our design team utilized Luke’s height-adjustable desk and task chair but refreshed his secondary worksurface with a cleaner solution allowing for a mobile storage pedestal and his pup’s bed to be added underneath. This gave Luke a little more space in his home office to add in a vibrant red quest chair. In addition, Luke was provided a few organizational accessories to keep his home office tidy.

“Bright colors that ignite energy and being organized keeps me away from distractions,” states Luke. “With my new space I feel less anxiety and procrastination. I am able to better separate myself from work while I am working from home.”

By reducing clutter and adding in a pop of color, Luke’s space is set up for success. Although his role requires a lot of time in the field, working from home has never been more motivating for Luke.

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