September 15, 2020

Transforming How McKenzie Sullivan Works From Home

As a semi-remote team member, McKenzie has had plenty of experience working from home. However, the office’s energizing feeling and collaborating with other team members were some of her favorite things about being in the office.

McKenzie would describe her home office as a shared space with two desks, one for herself and her husband. She has equipped the room with good task chairs and large monitors. Ample natural light gives their space a warm glow while separated from the rest of their living areas.

To best manage the shared office space, McKenzie will compare schedules with her husband to ensure any conflicting meetings will be taken into another room. She also states that noise-canceling headphones have been vital to helping her share the workspace.

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, McKenzie strives to work out every morning before logging on for the day and taking her pups out for a walk during lunch. “When I have finished work for the day, I close the office door to signify that the day is done,” states McKenzie.

McKenzie expressed she would be most excited to add a height-adjustable work surface to her space allowing for more movement throughout the day. She also hopes that SKG’s design team can provide more efficient use of the entire office.



Before her space transformation, McKenzie found it challenging to make the most of her shared space. By expressing her struggles, our design team strategically curated solutions to help her and her husband.

What was working

What was not working

Wish List: Neutral home office with optimized organization capabilities and a height-adjustable desk.



After seeing McKenzie’s space, our design team knew that a transformation would provide sustainable productivity in McKenzie’s shared home office. Optimizing the needs of both occupants will be vital in transforming the space.

Our design team enhanced the space’s elastic organization capabilities by adding in multi-use storage solutions and ergonomic tools, including monitor arms and height-adjustable desks. Adding in a few wall mounted shelving solutions created a fun, versatile storage option that can allow for a personalized touch to their space.



McKenzie’s new home office focuses on flexibility and organization. By exchanging her fixed station with an adjustable height desk, McKenzie can stay productive at all angles. The addition of a mobile storage pedestal helps McKenzie stay organized. With this makeover, McKenzie’s shared space becomes more personalized to her and her husband’s needs.



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