March 11, 2021

Tried and true ways to deliver on color trends 

Color has come a long way since Sir Isaac Newton’s sunlight through prism experiments revealed white lights’ seven distinct component colors.  Advanced understanding now shows us the human eye can see 1,000 shades of light and, within those shades, 100 different levels of red-green shades and 100 levels of yellow-blue shades, which puts the number of colors humans can see at 10,000,000 plus.  

With all the millions of colors, how does one become the “it” color for the season? And why? And how, as designers of workspace, do we apply trends to be most effective?  Trend selection is a thoughtful process that looks at global and cultural influences, changes in society, current events, technology, politics, economics, and the environment.  Trend application should be guided by the same indepth understanding of a company’s culture to permeate brand excellence across the spectrum.  

At SKG, we appreciate the methodical work that goes into selecting the year’s trend colors. Our design team applies those same tactics to enhance our clients’ unique attributes.  Color and design trends inspire our decisions, no doubt, but they have to contribute to a company’s “why” and its long-term success. We create in a world where purpose matters and design decisions have to be forward-thinking to be timely and stand the test of time.   

Color Trends of 2021  

With so many uncertainties and so many people and businesses trying to rebound and recharge from 2020, it’s no surprise Pantone chose this year’s colors to provide resilience and hope.  The combination of Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, a bright yellow, is the color wheel’s way of saying, “Hey world, life is back.” The rock-solid but transitional gray offers stable relief from a chaotic world. It is a perfect journey companion to the vibrantly uplifting yellow that is all about happiness, hope, and fun.  


Scandinavian style nourishes the office with touches of home.  

This trend spells a solution for the new era of business by giving the office a residential feel.  As people start to move from the comforts of their abode back to a hybrid or full-time in office workstyle, these design elements will help ease the transition.  Pale woods and pastel textural fabrics and colors bring a simple style to space and create a nourishing atmosphere that makes us feel at home at work.     

Dark and Moody  

Dark woods and jewel tones set the tone for bold sophistication.  Expressively elegant and soothingly sultry, these elements help those ready to unleash their energy in the new era of business make a statement.   

Our Design Experts talk trends 


Thoughts on today’s trends:  

Applying trends in unexpected ways:   

Thoughts on color for the long haul: 

 Trending to the future.  

We look for hue to be one of the heroes guiding us to happier, healthier, and more productive work experiences. But it’s incredibly shortsighted to fall prey to what’s popular.  As design experts, our responsibility and frankly, our passion and pleasure are to explore color for all it can be for our clients. Simply put, when we look at color trends through the prism of each project, we should always see millions of possibilities. 


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