August 14, 2020

Using Our Experience to Help Others Return to Site

As stay-at-home orders subside after several months of working from home, many companies are facing a magnitude of changes as they plan to return to site. We know it can be hard to choose where to start! SKG wants to lend a helping hand by sharing our wealth of research and our own return to site experience.

Over the last few weeks, we have published a series of five blogs that capture key concepts of our successful return to site experience. Within each blog, you will find tips and tricks from our leadership, design, and installation teams. As we wrap up this informative series, we wanted to summarize the most important concepts within each episode that will help our clients plan their return to site.

Concepts that helped us Return to Site:

I am so grateful that we had spent the last three years, very intensively honing our culture, because that was one of our only consistencies in this entire crisis. I don’t think we’ve ever been a stronger team than we are right now,” – Beth Goff-McMillan, CEO.

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