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At SKG, our job is to know how people work. This is why we consistently evaluate our process to uncover your workspace vision, finding ways to improve the job by working smarter.

To do this, we use a software tool called FOLIO that allows us to execute your project efficiently. With FOLIO and your input, we can easily define your project needs and goals, keep all project communication in one place, and help you create the workspace of your dreams quicker than other dealerships – and have more fun doing it!

What to expect from using FOLIO

Make better decisions

Minimize miscommunication and maximize results through transparent communication

Move in quicker

Simplify the entire process to deliver your project on-time and at-budget

Enjoy the process

Engage with your furniture service provider to create the workspace of your dreams!

All project information in one place

FOLIO is the only all-in-one software built specifically to execute commercial furnishings projects faster and more accurately. Here’s what you can expect as we use FOLIO to visualize, organize, and collaborate with you on your project:

step 1

Client Onboarding

8 simple onboarding questions let us get to the heart of what we are trying to accomplish in your new space – What experience are we trying to evoke? What activities are we wanting to facilitate and encourage? What technology is essential to include?

step 2

Project Builder

Select the style and plan that best accommodates your needs and meets your project objectives – Attract and retain the best talent, set up spaces for teams to congregate and share information, manage hybrid schedules

step 3

Smart Estimates

 Understand how the space is being used and how your money is allocated – Easily align on budget for your project by accounting for a wide variety of workspaces and items to be furnished, including workstations, reception areas, conference rooms, small break rooms, and all the spaces in between

step 4

Project Workbook

Establish a plan and roadmap specific to your industry – Workflows and checklists for corporate, education, government, healthcare, technology, and work-from-home spaces

step 5

Assignments & Status

Know what is happening at all times – Checklists and notifications provide transparency on project status and keep things smoothly moving forward

step 6

Centralized Communication

Get into your space quicker with efficient collaboration – Make better decisions faster by sharing ideas, feedback, notes, and uploading and sharing documents, all easily accessible inside your FOLIO project

What's your style?

Not sure which vibe fits your project? From Rustic to Modern, use our Style Finder to explore 12 unique style guides to identify the look that best complements your project. No design experience needed!