As a sales representative for SKG, we expect you are in the know of your business and drive sales to closure. SKG looks for year-over-year growth and profitability, as well as building relationships with the influencer community.

Looking for experienced sellers with Federal Government expertise, at least 5 years, very capable of finding and building long-term relationships in San Antonio for SKG. Key attributes will be self-starter; knowledge of the Federal Government buying process; access to military bases in San Antonio; in-depth knowledge of different contract vehicles typically used by the Federal Government to purchase furniture (GSA Schedule, BPA's, IDIQ's; and Open Market). Willingness to actively participate in Fed Gov-focused organizations in San Antonio. Must reside in San Antonio.

The specific tasks we expect to see from you are as followed:

+ Plan your work and work your plan

+ Understand current trends, research, selling tools; hone your craft

+ Know your business- who are your clients, what do they do, how do they make decisions?

+ Know the competitive landscape- who are they, how do you beat them?

+ Social Media- stay connected to your client and influencer base, keep your social media current and relevant; keep personal from business

+ Uncover new business opportunities

+ Develop selling opportunities to potential business

+ Manage and lead your support team with specific goals and deadlines

+ Responsible for developing and maintaining business relationships with current client base

+ Drive multi-prong sales strategies

+ Bring consultative selling skills and aptitude for solving customer problems; recommend appropriate product and service solutions.

+ Develop relationships with the end-users first, and then influencer market

+ Understand product capabilities and demonstrate the features and benefits of products through presentations

+ Have the ability to ask for and close business

+ Have excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to call on client and influencer base

+ Be on-site for install and confirm client satisfaction

+ Be a team player

+ Always close out projects just as you sold them- with attention to detail

+ You are the point on the spear!

+ Load all leads, prospects into CORE CRM

+ Update weekly CRM Status

+ Issue project tracker weekly for awarded business

+ Direct process flow for team and delegate tasks

+ Review all materials with the team during the process

+ Provide accurate forecasts 30/60/90

+ Issue all packages on time (complete and error-free)

+ Follow and communicate with client and influence team throughout the process

+ Set expectations of delivery to internal and external teams

+ Ensure SKG workbook is completed for each project

+ Be versed on SKG terms and conditions and communicate these to the client

+ Invoice and close business efficiently