Make the experience exceptional.

SKG brings over two decades of experience furnishing and designing hospitality spaces. From restaurants to hotels and any hospitality space where experience means everything, we curate stunning environments to create memorable impressions. With our in-house, end-to-end project expertise, we flip the tables and bring hospitality and amazing service to you.

Hospitality that gets you many returns

Your hospitality space has a vibe. Whether it’s relaxed and low-key, eclectic and eccentric, or five-star fabulous, your furniture and design help tell your story. As a Certified MillerKnoll Dealer with over 300 furniture manufacturing partners, SKG has endless furniture and design solutions to enhance your brand, wow your workers and keep guests coming back.

Hospitality belongs in every industry

People want experiences and they’re willing to pay for it. Not just at a nightclub, restaurant or resort, but in the workplace, the student union, government offices and medical centers. Hospitality spaces can be the secret weapon to get more students, attract better workers, doctors and teachers and create long-lasting engagement that drives better business.

At SKG, we believe every space should capture the human connection. Our corporate, education, government and healthcare spaces all embrace leading hospitality ideas around comfort, camaraderie, health and wellness. Stylish, innovative furniture and holistic workspace design help us push new boundaries on how people experience space.