Five Ways to Use Architectural and Decorative Glass

Explore inspiration to refresh a work environment with highly customizable architectural glass walls.

How Skyline Design can support a Customized, Healthy, and Inspiring Work Environment.

While demountable glass walls may be the most recognizable face of the future of work, decorative glass has a few other tricks up its sleeve to turn heads and create enviable office environments. At SKG, we’re proud to partner with Skyline Design, the best of the best for architectural and decorative glass solutions. With revolutionary, sustainable applications and cutting-edge designs, they trailblaze a design path and shatter expectations of what architectural glass can do in space.


1. Branding

Your logo is the face of your business. So, why not give it the oomph it deserves? Customized glass designs can shine a light on your brand story. With wall cladding, etched glass, back-painted glass, vinyl coverings, and digital printing, it’s a piece of cake to incorporate brand colors, logos, images, or anything that speaks to your business identity. Go brand big with geometric shapes, sizes, colors, and lighting to turn heads and keep your business front, center, and top of mind.

2. Wayfinding

Wayfinding is an essential tool for companies who want co-workers, clients, and visitors to be one with their space. Want to mark offices or steer someone to the nearest cup of Joe? Glass signage is a stellar upgrade over wood, metal, or plastic. Still, we invite you to think bigger, better, and brighter. With Skyline’s versatile design applications, you will not only guide people through your space but also mesmerize them. Skyline’s creations use unique shapes, colors, themes, graphics, and vibrant lighting to orient people through stairwells, in elevators, room to room or floor to floor in hospitals, school buildings, or businesses.



3. Space Division & Communication Tool

Wipeable, magnetic glass marker boards are powerful communication tools and innovative space dividers. In hospitals, glass boards offer a hygienic and dynamic alternative to divider curtains because they are customizable, easily cleaned, and pathogen resistant. Skyline Design’s Mossa Mobile 3-wheel Glass Board recently won the Florence Nightingale Innovation Award at the 2023 Healthcare Design Conference + Expo. Plus, mobile glass boards glide effortlessly across any surface, so you can move around a hospital room, carve out a study spot in a classroom, or create an on-the-fly meeting nook in the office.


4. Glass as Art

The Renaissance had stone. Today’s creators have glass. Skyline’s glass designs offer depth and fluidity with various applications that multiply its magical effect. In small pieces, focal walls or thematic pieces across your ecosystem, Skyline can produce literal works of art. They even collaborate with world-renowned artists to inspire new designs. Skyline combines the power of wall cladding, etched glass, digital printing, back-painted glass, and LED lighting to ignite imaginations and evoke emotions. With every Skyline Design application comes a focus on super clean, eco-friendly, innovative practices.


5. Improved Health & Wellness

SKG’s 9 Rules of Spatial Intelligence and MillerKnoll’s Design with Impact underscore the importance of creating spaces that take workers to their happy place. Today’s architecture isn’t dope if it doesn’t release a little dopamine. That’s why architectural glass is an integral part of today’s construction. At its heart, glass is a transparent, clean product that permeates natural light and creates a sense of connection, openness, and belonging that improves mental well-being. Tap into its expressive side; glass gives you the wow factor with colors, textures, and lighting that tantalizes the senses.