Four Ways To Enhance Outdoor Learning

Think outside the classroom to create the best outdoor learning environments.

What Makes The Great Outdoors Great?

Outdoor classrooms and study environments are like a breath of fresh air to productivity.  When students and teachers are in the right outdoor learning space, they are more engaged, relaxed and the creative juices just keep flowing.  Advancements in technology and product capabilities now allow us to untether from the traditional classrooms. Computer battery life is longer, wifi is faster and more powerful and manufacturers continue to elevate products to fit the natural environments. 

1. Choice Drives Retention

Younger generation students and academic professionals expect choice. So why not give it to them? A cool, sleek indoor classroom is great for small study groups, but so is an outdoor study area underneath a natural canopy of trees or shaded structure.   We love to show our education clients ways to enhance outdoor learning with Socratic spaces outside in nature. Transitional spaces that help students move easily between indoor and outdoor environments positively impact learning from preschool all the way to college campuses. Even a small outdoor patio can go a long way to enhancing space in education environments.

2. Explore The Unused Space

Some of the best outdoor learning spaces are the ones that transform unused real estate into beautiful collaborative nooks, vibrant transitional areas or even natural study spaces. Visionary design sees outdoor education possibilities  where others just see a patch of grass or a stretch of obscure ground between school buildings. The future of education is all about enriching the experience. So broaden your horizons and see every inch of outdoor space for the dynamic outdoor learning environment it could be. 


Product Featured: Custom Build

3. Can't Find It, Create It

There are so many great outdoor learning products out there to positively impact learning,  but some may not fit your budget or dimensions.  Florence Knoll once famously said, "I needed a piece of furniture, it was not there so I designed it." We know so many Central Texas artisans who can value engineer a product that might be out of your price point or even design something fresh and fun. The point is, there are many ways to create outdoor spaces students and teachers will love. From inspiration to installation, we are here to help. 


4. Pilot an Area

Outdoor design doesn't have to be a "go big or go home" endeavor. Piloting a smaller outdoor learning area can be the baby steps you need to test engagement and offer proof in the pudding to decision makers. Maybe start small with modest outdoor education seating on a patio or turn a cool tree into the perfect outdoor study spot. More than likely, if you build it students will come. 

What's on the outside says a lot about how your school or campus elevates learning. Creating outdoor education spaces where people can connect to nature demonstrates that you get what students and teachers need. Let us show you how to bring thoughtful design and stellar outdoor furniture products to improve learning, and attract the best students and teachers.