In 2023, our SKG team took a long, hard look at how we could best impact our Austin and San Antonio communities. We wanted our charitable commitments to capture the best of who we are, what we can do and who we know. And we wanted to make a difference in our own backyards. With a focus on women and children in need, we rolled up our sleeves to raise funds and awareness, rallying our SKG family, partners, local businesses and community behind Lirios Pediatrics Center.

SKG Texas and Lirios Pediatrics: A Partnership for Children’s Health and Happiness 

Lirios Pediatrics Center is a one-of-a-kind medical clinic offering free pediatric care to families in Central Texas and beyond. Their work is critical to helping kids who fall through the cracks of the existing healthcare system and keeping families, businesses and communities performing at their best.  We are proud to work with Dr. Claire Hebner, Monica Simmons and the rest of the Lirios team to elevate the healthcare experience for Central Texas families.

Together with our business and community partners, we helped Lirios secure over $70,000 worth of funds, in-kind time and product donations and grant money.

Austin Women’s Fund selects Lirios Pediatrics to receive a $35,000 grant

SKG’s CEO, Beth Goff McMillan, works with several non-profit organizations in Central Texas. One of which is the Austin Women’s Fund, founded in 2004 to focus on the needs of women and children in Central Texas.  Since its founding, this amazing organization granted over $3 million to more than 100 local nonprofits. In 2023, with Beth’s guidance on the grant writing process, Lirios was one of fifteen non-profits to earn a grant for their work in the Austin community. This grant, totaling $35,000, helps Lirios fund their work, but also brings greater awareness to the care they provide and presents even more opportunities for success in the non-profit world.

Furniture Designs and Donations


Our main goal with this project was to elevate the experience for the Lirios staff, doctors, patients and volunteers.  Our project managers and designers are hands down the best in the commercial furniture business.  They poured their hearts into this endeavor spending countless hours measuring, specifying furniture and designing thoughtful renderings to give the clinic a gorgeous refresh.

However, we couldn’t create a beautiful space without amazing furniture. We are so thankful for partners like Human Scale, Skyline Design, and clients like VTX, who collectively donated height adjustable desks, lighting, task chairs, storage, and artwork to help us design a flexible, stylish and people-centric space. We are all looking forward to finishing this aspect of the endeavor in 2024.

Sprucing Up the Space with Skyline Design

We can’t say enough about the award-winning architectural and decorative glass solutions from our partner, Skyline Design. No one has a better understanding of how to take healthcare design to the next level with functional and stunning glass designs. Without hesitation, they eagerly joined the cause, donating all their time and talent to complete magical, whimsical, kid-inspired glass art designs for the lobby and throughout the clinic.

Good Cause, Great Chair


When you have a donated Eames Lounge Chair from MillerKnoll, you’re going to have an off-the-charts good raffle. And we did. Thanks to MillerKnoll’s philanthropic push and some tenacious SKG sellers, we raised $17,500 for Lirios to boost back-to-school vaccinations and provide general wellness checks for kids. This is a prime example of how SKG and MillerKnoll team together to do good things in business and our communities.

A Successful Plant Installation


As experts in healthcare design, we know the impact biophilia has on wellness. So, we wanted to create a warm welcome and beautify the parkway with foliage and fauna. We’re so fortunate to have knowledgeable and caring organizations like The Great Outdoors, Austin’s favorite nursery, who provided insights and donated plants to the cause. We’d also like to give two green thumbs up to our SKG volunteers (especially Juan Martinez) who spent a hot Saturday digging, raking, mulching and beautifying the space.

So, what did we learn from this initiative?

Finding a philanthropy that aligns with core values and offers opportunities to leverage workers’ professional and personal talents is a win/win. Creating a variety of opportunities to push the philanthropic needle for our organization keeps people more engaged year-round. Sharing joy with our partners, clients and communities connects us all to a greater purpose.

We are thankful for everyone who put time, effort and resources into making the healthcare experience a magical one for kids and families.  Mostly, we’re thankful for organizations like Lirios Pediatrics Center who continuously lead with their heart to improve lives.