Design Days 2022 New and Noteables

Design Days 2022 sent us to our happy place.  We saw so many innovative and ergonomic furniture products from MillerKnoll. We loved every single one, but a blog can only be so long. So without further ado, here are a few of our favorites from Knoll, Herman Miller, and other MillerKnoll constellation pieces. 

Knoll Favorites

Rockwell Glass Doors

Talk about making a grand entrance! The new Rockwell Glass Doors certainly inspired us with their awesome architectural aesthetics. These  majestic glass doors have real staying and stunning power with clean sight lines, frameless glass, wider berth, a soft close and intuitive touch.  This is exactly the kind of solution that fosters collaboration and breaks down the hierarchy to help create more connected environments.

Rockwell Chalkboard Panels

The chalkboard is all grown up. We love these sleek, writeable panels that come in various finishes. Our tech folks say it's perfect for the "scrum" and adds a fun, hands-on approach to problem-solving.  Add the Knoll Antenna Table with its auditorium-like tabletop curves, and you get an all-hands-on-deck solution to group work for education, technology, or corporate environments.

Knoll Inlet Screen

The Knoll Inlet Screen adds legit cubicle appeal with it's playful, "ahoy matey" vibe. Designed by Dan Grabowski, this peek-a-beauty sound dampening divider brings an element of privacy but still fosters that sense of community and collaboration. It's also a great way to carve out space in an open plan.

Newson Task Chair

The Newson Task Chair breaks the mold on office chairs with it's singular design and innovative cantilever shape that stylishly stabilizes. Go ahead and try, you can't tip this baby over. The color dip is trendy and unique, the base is cool and ergonomic, the features integrate seamlessly and everything is adjustable. Sit down and experience greatness at a price that works for most budgets. 

Herman Miller Favorites

OE1 Collection

Our big takeaway? The OE1 Collection helps people squeeze every ounce of opportunity from moments and space. Have an existing floorplate? No problem, it plays nice with your setup. Want to get creative and seize a new space to explore? Now you're talking. OE1 is a collection of multi-functional, essential mobile pieces that allow you to optimize real estate and transform underutilized areas into agile, hard-working workspaces.

The Zeph Chair

With the Zeph Chair, the designers at Studio 7.5 gave a playful nod to the classic Eames Shell chair. This simply sculpted beauty packs a wildly innovative punch with hidden technology that leverages human-centered motion. In other words, this bad boy moves with you to deliver a natural, fluid motion that keeps you supported and energized. It's definitely high on our list for best task chair.

Nelson Cube Sofa 

We love how Herman Miller went old school for the future of work. The Nelson Cube Sofa, initially released in 1968, represents a lovely dichotomy in design that features soft, comfy seating with architecturally-sound wood framing. This group is a "get people back to the office" collection that sets the tone for the comfortable and relaxed, "feel at home" way people want to work. 

MillerKnoll Constellation Favorites

Mutto: Oslo Lounger

The Mutto Oslo Lounger envelops, swivels, and feels so much more personal and tailored to the demands of forward-designed workspaces. The combination of sculptural qualities and functional design makes it an ideal piece for public spaces such as office lounge areas, lobbies or hotel rooms. We love it because it takes Scandinavian on a new journey and gives our clients more options to bring simple, luxurious design to space.

Geiger Leatherwrap Sit-To-Stand

The Leatherwrap Sit-to-Stand Desk by Geiger is how work does home.  This hard-working height adjustable table performs with classic style and grace. Leatherwrap offers warm, inviting, ergonomic design with residential appeal, but it's all business when it comes to functionality. The motor is thoughtfully concealed and, with a gentle push of a discreet button, the telescopic legs take you from sit to stand with ease. 

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