Turning Insight Into Action

The MillerKnoll Dealer Partner Advisory Council (DPAC) brings the best of the best from 22 Knoll and Herman Miller dealers together to help shape the future of MillerKnoll in the Americas.  SKG is proud to represent Texas and bring  our customer clairvoyance and market mojo to the conversation. It's one of the most insightful initiatives to come out of this powerful acquisition because it creates a deeper connection between commercial furniture manufacturers and the masses.  Through MillerKnoll's DPAC, we will help our customers stay ahead of the business curve and turn insight into action.

What Does DPAC Do?  

Most importantly, DPAC shatters the silos and creates a perfect union for future-forward dealers to share insights, tap into trends, infuse design diversity and ignite innovation.  In this Council, our CEO, Beth Goff-McMillan participates with select representatives from all over the country to solve the biggest issues facing our clients.  DPAC brings the industry's most respected dealers together to share what is and isn't working, learn about the latest and greatest innovations and discover how to power people with commercial furniture and workspace design.


Each year DPAC will hold four in-person sessions where participants share what's happening in their respective marketplaces, customer expectations, as well as analyze industry trends and their global business impacts. Within the Council, committees and sub-committees dig deeper and deeper to understand local, regional, national, and global happenings, so that MillerKnoll and dealers like SKG can better serve industries and our customers.  



How Does SKG and DPAC Benefit You?

The top 20 list of Austin’s largest office occupiers reads like a who’s who of big tech, government, and retail. Our business community is a magnet for the cool, hip, smart and savvy workers. Still, plenty of cities across the nation continue upping their game to woo the next generation of thinkers and doers. With SKG at the DPAC table you get a better understanding of what people the world over need to be successful in the workplace. Our goal is to be your voice, but also to listen and learn with your needs in mind so that every decision makes an impact. 

So what does SKG’s presence bring you? Firstly, worldwide insight into consumers' behavior. Secondly, a better understanding of what drives employee satisfaction. Thirdly, a timely grasp of industry trends. With all this information, you can make faster, more informed decisions that positively impact the way you do business.  

Why SKG? 

Size and Performance:  

SKG is proud to be the only Texas-born and bred MIllerKnoll authorized dealer. We have over 25 years of multi-market experience, showrooms in Austin and San Antonio, vetted global partnerships with over 80 employees and the most diverse customer base.  

Strength of Executive Team  

SKG is 100% women-owned and 75% of our executive team is female. We are visionaries who are never satisfied with the status quo. We continue to hire within and outside the industry to tap the most diverse group of individuals who can help us do bigger, smarter, and better business every day. 


Community Involvement  

Community is at the heart of our culture and we invest our time and money to help make the world we live in a better place. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability and creating opportunities for our people to grow personally and professionally. 

Innovative Mindset  

Understanding what people need and finding new ways to answer the call is what innovation is all about. From our hires to visionary technologies to streamlined processes, we go boldly into the future so our clients can make the biggest impact on their industries.