Legal Workspaces for Tomorrow's Talent

How SKG helped Allensworth energize their workspace to attract the next generation of legal minds.

Who is Allensworth?

Allensworth is a premiere construction law firm located in the heart of Austin, Texas. In fact, Allensworth is the largest law firm of its kind handling complex construction cases from all disciplines including contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, owners, and developers.  Their mantra says all you need to know about how they approach law and life and the people they aim to recruit.

 "Do a damn fine job, get to yes, do the right thing and have fun." 

Working with Allensworth and their design firm, Abel Design Group, SKG went deep into discovery to understand what people wanted from their work environment. Their human-centric culture and ways of working played significant parts in deciphering how design and commercial furniture should elevate the space. Don't mistake this for your grandfather's law firm with stuffy leather, mahogany, and big corner offices reserved for the head honchos. Oh no, this is a space for people that is highly functional, agile, and cool.

Case in point: the kitchen. Not only is it the best view in the house, with sweeping panoramic scenes of Lady Bird Lake and far-reaching South Austin, but it is also the hub of their humanity. It's a place for respite and recharges with all the amenities of home. We accomplished a clean look with plenty of places to take the load off, including tucked-away mid-height bar seating, and highly mobile tables and ergonomic dining chairs. 

Each workspace has a voice and fulfills its purpose in style. The blue hue of the lobby is soft and welcoming, while the conference room is cutting-edge comfort with high-back chairs and power-integrated board table. The speakeasy room is a stellar sanctuary with authentic style,  while the private offices and workstations invite collaboration. With each space, SKG listened and delivered with contrasting styles in innovative furniture and stylish architectural products.

For so many Austinites who live and breathe the relaxed downtown vibe, Allensworth's new legal office hits at the very heart of hip. Law work is challenging, time-consuming and hectic, so SKG is excited to help them feel at home when getting down to business

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