Creating Austin's Cutting Edge Legal Workspace: McGinnis Lochridge

How SKG helped McGinnis Lochridge create a future-forward legal workspace designed for the people and about the people. 

Who is McGinnis Lochridge?

McGinnis Lochridge is an icon in the legal profession with over 90 years of service, specializing in more than 20 practice areas. Their roots are in Texas, but they are a trusted, nationally ranked legal firm with some of the country's top-tier legal professionals.
McGinnis Lochridge understands that productive people drive powerful outcomes. They are also a legal firm with a firm grasp of what each team member needs to thrive in their various work environments.

Their goal for their new Austin workspace is to attract and retain the next generation of legal professionals
and create stylish, modern and agile environments for clients and employees to engage and collaborate.

Austin's growth continues to skyrocket with people keep coming in droves. Some of these people happen to be tomorrow's best legal minds. So, what does it take to attract those tech-savvy, hard-working, fun-loving future Austinites? It takes a legal workspace that gets them. That is precisely what SKG and the design firm Perkins & Will delivered for McGinnis Lochridge.

This space embraces McGinnis Lochridge's legal and community history and paves a path to their future. It's undeniably Austin-esque in both comfort and laid-back style and a highly collaborative, connected workspace that rivals the big tech giants who call the city home.

Ergonomic corporate furniture and design choices are  purposeful, and people-centric. The private offices, conference rooms, and war room with integrated technologies and sleek style mean business. At the same time, the unique indoor patio space and expansive multi-purpose kitchen invite togetherness and offer literal windows to the beating heart of downtown Austin. Every space provides timeless style, mobility, flexibility and the ability to work the way individuals work best. The new McGinnis Lochridge legal workspace raises the bar for law offices, and we invite you to read the full case study below.

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