Five Design Inspirations          

From Neocon and Design Days

NeoCon and Design Days did not disappoint. Everyday showed us new ways to bring insight to innovation with products and creative space design. People continue to drive what's next in the workplace.  These are some of the takeaways from our experience.

1. All Hail the Hygge: Scandinavian Sensations

We definitely felt the cool, simple sensation of Scandinavian design throughout NeoCon and Design Days.  And we liked it.  The nod to minimalism with natural materials, soft hues and no-fuss layouts got us in the soothe groove we needed when tired set in.  As designers, we continue to look for ways to keep design easy and create the intimate settings that bring people together to do their best work. 

2. Home vibes gave us good vibes

Seeing the focus on collaborative solutions with a side of “home cooking” got our design minds churning for even bigger "return to site” initiatives. We saw a lot of soft corals and vibrant yellows in various showrooms, a ton of natural elements and comfy plop down collaborative settings.   MillerKnoll took full advantage of their Design Days to showcase how furniture and design can welcome the hybrid worker with livable at work spaces.

3. Fall in love with the rise and fall of lounging environments

As designers, we love playing with table heights in our space planning to allow for more creativity and choice in collaboration.  NeoCon and Design Days gave us plenty to think about with fun colors in a range of fabrics on higher height seating solutions as well as a variety of organic shapes.  We loved lounging arrangements with in-between-different table elevations, and also team meeting tables with soft seating at taller bar heights! 

4. Oh, the Humanity

Throughout the focus on the human experience featured "feel good" styles, colors, textures and innovations designed to bring people together.  We also saw a great deal of flexibility and mobility in workstations. It's very clear that manufacturers are addressing the simple needs and ergonomic desires of workers which is is the way to win more talent. 

5. Ace your space with stellar education products

The competition for top-tier students and staff is on.   It's not enough to design something that looks good. Form must follow feeling and get to the heart of what students, educators and staff desire from space. With a focus on revolutionary ergonomic designs, innovative styles and agile products,  NeoCon and Design Days showed us just how cool school can be.  


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