The Space to be Sustainable

The COVID slowdown certainly gave the earth a much-needed pollution pause. For SKG the key moving forward is to put that pause to good cause and build on our decades-long eco-friendly commitment and leverage Spatial Intelligence to solve holistically for sustainability. You'll see it in our partnerships, products, and way of life.

Vetted for Sustainable Viability

You can get that amazing workstation or comfy task chair without doing a number on our ecosystem.  But eco-friendly furniture manufacturing takes a continuous commitment to doing right by Mother Earth. Our 30-point vetting process helps us build relationships with companies who share our sustainable ideals and ensure our manufacturers are doing their part to:

* Positively manage renewable resources,

* Reduce emissions and lower chemicals in finishing processes

* Minimize waste and maximize community benefit

* Be certified LEED, Greenguard, TSCA, BIFMA and FSC

SKG's Clean Culture

Culture goes a long way to set a tone for sustainability. SKG's flexible scheduling practices do the ozone layer a solid by reducing travel and helping lower gas emissions. We also pay it forward by showing clients how to reimagine their space with furniture solutions for hybrid work. Our team leverages digital technologies to lower paper waste and help keep our trees standing tall. We also volunteer our time to various cleanups and beautification initiatives across Central Texas and any place our remote workers call home.

Reduce and Recycle

The lowest waste is our highest priority for delivery and installation. We work closely with manufacturers' logistics teams to limit packaging and keep fewer trucks on the road, so we can save money and the planet. With every project, we blanket wrap when appropriate, leverage palates and crates to lower cardboard usage and minimize plastic packaging. We also recycle all metals, wood and cardboard post-project and use passenger vans to carpool teams directly to the site when parking is available.

Partnering Makes Perfect

Clients are our secret weapon when it comes to furthering our sustainable goals. They continuously push us to think bigger, better and cleaner. We love working with industry visionaries like Credit Human, Allensworth and so many others to create sustainable workspaces in San Antonio, Austin and across the country.  Green design is about building spaces where people and the environment can thrive. Our goal with every project is to take huge strides to keep our footprint small.  

Sustainable spaces help us protect our resources and also promote happy, healthy workspaces. We'd love to show you ways to energize your space with green design and products that are net positive to the earth and your people.