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Let SKG take your design capabilities to a whole new platform. Our roadmap to CET and ProjectMatrix implementation helps you bring ideas to life faster than ever, collaborate like never before and take some of the churn out of your earn. With 15 years of combined in-house CET expertise and 35+ years of Knoll specification experience, SKG powers your team with skills, knowledge and an informed curriculum to improve adoption efficiency, reduce overall opportunity costs and turn up the dynamic in your design.



Reduced time from ideation to implementation to training resulting in quicker speed-to-market


Reduced burden on design manager and team and reduced specification errors


Active insight and support from CET+Knoll users


Discovery Planning for CET + ProjectSpec

We set up a collaborative call with our expert to discuss implementation of CET and ProjectSpec. We build a high-level report and make recommendations on how to approach your dealer's adoption of the programs. We will also set up a review call with your decision-making team to answer any questions after you receive the report.

With this package you can expect three hours of calls with our expert to help you plan.

Customized Implementation Plan for CET + ProjectSpec

In collaboration with your project lead, we build a curated rollout plan for CET/ProjectSpec for your organization based on company goals, timelines, and budget.

We deliver a customized schedule with goals and milestones curated for your team. We will help you identify internal team champions and provide support resources at Configura and ProjectMatrix. During your implementation process, we schedule reminders and touchpoint calls with dealer-appointed champion to review progress, discuss challenges, and hear about your wins.  

With this package, you can expect four hours of calls for development of the plan and three hours of touchpoint interactions while your team is rolling out the plan.

FULL ProjectSpec Training Package

We help your organization identify team champions for CET + ProjectSpec implementation. We provide information on best-practices and our internal insights on the process. We provide recommendations on the timing of Knoll + Configura training for CET Design users and provide channels of support for Configura and ProjectMatrix. We provide your team with a six-week series of pre-defined ProjectSpec assignments to get your team up-to-speed faster.

With this package you will get an initial call with our specialist to discuss the best-in-class way to roll out ProjectSpec and how to effectively administer the assignments. You will also get the full assignment package to train your team and full support of your project champion during implementation.




"Moving from CAD to CET has it's challenges, but the platforms are completely different and so is the outcome. With CET, I love the way the finished product looks after it is rendered in its space. I also love the ease of changing product, whether it's from size differences or finishes, changing the orientation of a chair or desk, or the entire space. Being able to design in 2D and 3D at the same time is a tremendous benefit. It makes designing on the spot for our clients much more efficient. Decisions can be made quicker with less errors and expectations can be set from the beginning. It's a win, win."

"The utilization of CET as a tool for visualization, change management and speed of design deliverables has considerably shortened the length of time in the process without compromising quality.  Our clients love the active participation and collaboration with real time results.  It is a tool that has transformed the way we work with our clients." 

"CET has helped my clients revolutionize the way they view our products. Due to COVID-19, everything was forced to go virtual, so it's a great way to see how product choices impact cost and aesthetics in real time. CET saves time and money when we would have previously had to install a mock-up to give our clients comfort knowing what they were purchasing. In my opinion, this is an incredible free service we are offering prospective and existing clients to achieve better results and have more confidence in their selections. We complement the way design firms create spaces."

- Jessica Greenwood
Senior Technical Designer

- Suzanne Soares
Director of Account Management

- Amanda Cook
Senior Sales Associate



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