Wellness is synonymous with work well done. Follow SKG’s Research Specialist for continuous insight on how to get your people in the right space to thrive. With a 360-degree approach to physical, mental and emotional nurturing, you can go farther than you ever thought possible.


Women are a powerful force to be reckoned with. When we come together with purpose, we can do anything. SKG's Research Strategist, Aga Swiecki, discusses ways women can learn from each other, band together, build each other up and be a unifying force for good. The workspace is a better place when we can draw from the unique attributes of each other. That is applicable for both men and women, but as we look for ways to solve for the gender gap and nurture a dynamic workforce, we must recognize where we fall short and do something about it. We must learn to celebrate and empower women and get to a space where we can truly take advantage of the beauty and power of a diverse workforce.


Stand your middle ground and grow. The brain is our natural protector but sometimes, it moves us to fight or flight mode too quickly, and we miss out on chances to grow. In this week's Wellness Wednesday, SKG's Research Strategist, Aga Swiecki, shows us the value of neutrality and staying grounded in a space of curiosity when faced with new experiences, so we can get to a place of better understanding.



Stand your middle ground. This week's #Wellnesswednesday, Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist continues the conversation around neutrality and reminds us to expand our middle ground to see the bigger picture when faced with two sides of a situation. Ask powerful questions, don't let ego drive the conversation to be one-sided, and give people more space to be their authentic selves.


How do you give feedback that doesn't get distorted? In this week's #Wellnesswednesday, Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Specialist, shows us how to positively address assessment. Effective leaders can empower employees and get them in the right space to improve on their skills when the intention and delivery are authentic.


More feedback food-for-thought In this week's #Wellnesswednesday, SKG's Research Specialist, Aga Swiecki continues the conversation around feedback with helpful tips on how to keep things productive on the receiving end. Think purposeful, not personal, and engage with thoughtful questions that will help you bring more value to your role and your team.