To help navigate these uncertain times, we at SKG not only want to provide insights and support to work effectively, but we also want to give tips, tricks, and tools to help manage your mindset and wellness. Nurturing both your mental and physical health allows you to bring your best self to work.


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Aga Swiecki
Research Strategist

With over 10 years in the industry, Aga has a unique background in personal development coaching and leadership, adding a layer of expertise to health and wellness within the workplace. The most crucial aspect of solving for space is understanding the needs of the people within that space. She is passionate about reshaping the way we look at employee wellness and mental health. Join Aga as we lead the conversation in sustainable wellness.


Join us every week for a new topic discussion on personal & workplace wellness.

Self Love Part 2
February 24, 2021
Keep heaping the love on you This week's Wellness Wednesday picks up where we left off on self-love. It's important to keep the conversation going and SKG's Research Strategist, Aga Swiecki, gives us tips on a sustainable approach to finding true you love. It's something you have to practice to perfect.
Self Love
February 10, 2021
Put some YOU in your LOVE. How do you embrace self-love? Since February is the month of love, this week's Wellness Wednesday focuses on expanding your idea of love. SKG's Research Strategist, Aga Swiecke, show us it's not enough to express love to others; you have to learn how to fill your own cup. Heck, even let it run over. The best place to start with self-love is to mirror the love you show for others when you're staring at yourself in the mirror. Reserve some of the goodwill and kindness you extend to others and heap it on yourself. You'll soon find you have even more love to give.
Understanding Ego
February 3, 2021
Don't let go of your ego Instead, use its power for good. In this week's Wellness Wednesday, Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, shows us how to champion ego and work with it instead of against it to better navigate our world.
Limiting Beliefs
January 27, 2021
Put the belief in yourself.
Beliefs are so much a part of our roots we forget they can also be the branches that give us perspective to grow, experience new things and take more chances. In this week's Wellness Wednesday, Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, helps dissect limited beliefs to show us the limitless possibilities we could be missing by not branching out.
Investing in Yourself
January 20, 2021
The best ROI is focusing on YOU.
Taking the time to invest in yourself can yield some pretty awesome returns. Check out this episode of Wellness Wednesday where SKG's Research Strategist, Aga Swiecki, provides tips on how to enhance yourself for yourself, grow personally and reap continual benefits in every area of life.
Victim vs. Empowering Mindset
January 13, 2021
From Victim to Victorious.
Take back your power and realize a future controlled by you. Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, gives tips on how to adopt an empowered mindset so you can will yourself forward when others wish you ill.
Proactivity. The gift that keeps on giving.
January 6, 2021
When you use this gift daily, you can control your destiny. Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, shares how to bring a proactive, new year mentality to your every day for a healthier mindset and a more authentic self.
Proactive vs. Reactive Change
December 30, 2020
It’s time to go on offense. With 2021 just around the corner, how do you create leverage and start living a cause vs. effect kind of life? Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, shows us how to turn our perspective inside-out and take back the reins of change to empower every aspect of life.
Creating Visions
December 23, 2020
Get your 2021 Vision in focus.
In the new year, your brain wants to focus on a new target. Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, shows us how to close out the year and begin fresh. It’s about learning from 2020, letting go of what doesn't work, and embracing new goals for 2021 around who you want to be, what you want to do, and things you want to have.
Self Care Rituals and Practices
December 16, 2020
Sitting on empty?
It’s hard to grow and expand when you’re mental tank is on fumes. SKG's Research Strategist, Aga Swiecki, shows us six self-care practices and rituals to avoid the run down and stay fueled for what’s ahead. View our latest wellness talk at the link in the bio!
Emotional Recycling
December 09, 2020
Stop polluting your psyche
Reduce negative emotions. Reuse positive techniques. Recycle constructive habits. SKG's Research Strategist, Aga Swiecki, shows us how to kick the bad stuff to the curb and bring renewable energy to our life.
Emotional Triggers
December 02, 2020
Turn the tables on emotional triggers Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist shows us four techniques to recognize and monitor emotional triggers so we can better navigate the space between event and response to create a more positive experience.
Expanding Empathy
November 25, 2020
Bring more empathy to the Thanksgiving table. Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, engages us with questions to help us listen, be heard and find space for authenticity, so we can gather like we mean it.
Personal Resiliency
November 18, 2020

Resiliency, this time it’s personal. Is your emotional state happening by design or by default? Resiliency is a choice and Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, shows you how to put some gratitude in your attitudebyusing self-reflection and self-compassion so you can find more opportunity for growth.

Align Your Focus
November 11, 2020

Get the 411 on your focus. Understanding where you put your focus daily allows you to radiate and receive positive intentions. Aga Swiecki, SKG's Research Strategist, gives you four tips to find your focus and permeate wellness across all aspects of your life, work, and play.

State Management
November 4, 2020

Your inner voice is calling....
Discover the state of your perfect union. This week, our research strategist, Aga Swiecki, shares three easy steps to a more perfect inner union. Learn how to manage your focus, inner voice and body language in order to bring the trifecta of clarity to your purpose and relationships. Listen to the full episode now.

Effective Communication
October 28, 2020

Talk the talk. Give power to what you say and how you say it. Our research strategist Aga Swiecki breaks down three effective communication strategies to help you meaningfully connect in today’s disconnected environments.

Adaptable to Change
October 21, 2020

This week, learn more about embracing adaptability and how it can help create a resilient mindset in the face of challenges not only at work, but in every situation.




Bring the outside in! A growing number of studies suggest that views or presence of nature in a space boost memory and focus. If possible, set up your home office with biophilia or outside views. Breathe life into your space with some extra greenery!

Task Seating

Sitting without proper support places enormous stress on the body. When choosing your desk chair, consider seat height and depth adjustability. Most importantly, we recommend a chair with quality lumbar support.  Don’t forget to choose a comfortable, breathable material that flows with your home office environment.

Functional Accessories

Bring personality to your space with accessories that work for you. Organizational tools are one way to energize your space with color. Choose accessories that don't diminish your productive space by using space-saving tools and functional products.


Ergonomic Tools

By investing in adaptable ergonomic tools, you can be productive at all angles! Choose tools that have fluid movement with intuitive, simple adjustments for ease of reconfiguration and unobtrusive visual elegance. Your goal is to decrease neck and body strain and create a workspace can move with you.


Let your work shine by adding the right lighting to your space. Advanced LED technology gives your space just the right amount of warmth and intuitive controls allow you to choose the appropriate light level wherever you need it! Fun colors and modern styles can add in extra character to your home office!

Height Adjustable Desk

Our bodies are designed for movement and sitting for long periods of time can be challenging. Alternating between sitting and standing positions is critical for keeping our bodies healthy. Height adjustable desks provide the option to move about throughout the day and select the ideal working position.




Interested in learning more about workplace wellness and how SKG solves for space? Take a peek at our arsenal of research covering broad topics, from Work From Home to the changing landscape of Virtual Education. We dig deep for our clients to understand their challenges and solve spaces that work the way they work.


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